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RK Education RKL298 H-Bridge Motor Drive IC Project PCB Kit

<P>A kit of parts to build this versatile PCB that has been designed specifically for the L298 H-Bridge motor drive chip. The kit is ideal for DC motor control and robotic projects.</P><P><A href="/pdf/70-9111_v1.pdf"><STRONG>Click here </STRONG></A>for further details, schematics and constructional notes.</P>
  • Uses an L298 stepper motor control/driver
  • L298 has output current of 2A continuous per channel in DC operation
  • Ideal for DC motor control and robotic projects
  • Great for use with PIC, PICAXE, Genie, ATMEL and Arduino
  • Designed for use in DC motor control and robotic projects
  • Maximum output current 2A per channel
  • Terminal blocks used for easy interfacing
  • Mounting holes for PCB mounts
  • Includes smoothing capacitors
  • High quality, black, double-sided PCB
  • Empty PCB is also available separately
  • Suitable for Key Stages 4 & A Level (ages 14 to 18)
Kit contents
1xRKL298 PCB
1xL298N dual full bridge driver
1x7805 regulator TO-220
1x85°C 100µF 25V radial lead aluminium electrolytic capacitor
2x0.1µF +/-20% 50V Y5V 2.54mm pitch radial ceramic capacitor
2x3-way single row PCB socket 2.54mm pitch
2x10kΩ CR25 0.25W CF resistors
4xCTB5201/2BK 2-way 16A low profile terminal block 5mm pitch
8xUF4007 1A 1000V ultrafast diode
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