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Possytronics E-Textiles Battery Holder With Tilt Switch Kit Rainbow

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Brand: Possytronics  MPN: 87-6317 
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This Possytronics E-Textiles Battery Holder with Tilt Switch Kit uses conductive thread to attach 1 rainbow colours LED light to your textile project by simply tying a knot or sewing. A small tilt switch on the battery holder allows the lights to be easily turned on or off just by rotating your project through 90 degrees. A tilt switch is a little plastic box with a small metal ball bearing inside. When the battery holder board is rotated, the ball rolls on to the contacts and turns the lights on. When rotated again, the ball rolls off the contacts and the lights turn off.

The Easy-Sew LED Lights are designed to be used as surface decorations for craft projects. For example, the centre of a flower or creepy eyes that blink continuously. Each Easy-Sew LED Light consists of an LED attached to a small circuit board that has large connection holes for attaching the conductive thread. This improved design removes the need to twist and bend the LED leads and produces more reliable connections.

  • No soldering required - if the thread breaks, simply tie the two ends together and it still works perfectly
  • Provides an introduction to product design
  • Encourages the mixing of different D&T elements thus encouraging creativity in later school life
  • Kits include:
  • 1x Easy-Sew Battery Holder with tilt switch
  • 1x CR2032 battery
  • 2m of conductive thread
  • 1x rainbow colours Easy Sew LED Lights


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