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RF Solutions AM Transmitters and Receivers for Embedded Radio Control

<P>A range of components for embedded remote control applications, these components provide a high performance yet easy design-in system requiring little knowledge of RF remote control for a multitude of different applications. All products are EMC compliant for licence-free use within Europe. <BR><BR>Transmitter keyfobs are available with either 1,2, or 3 buttons. The transmitters are housed in waterproof ABS enclosures and supplied ready to operate. The overlay sticker can be customised. The transmitters use Keeloq algorithm which provides the highest level of security available. <BR><BR>The receivers use a ceramic technology receiver with an embedded "flash" programmable microcontroller decoding a highly secure Keeloq protocol, providing a a highly secure telemetry system over a wide operating temperature. The receiver may be easily integrated requiring few connections. It uses an easy 'LEARN' facility, and is capable of learning up to 50 unique keyfob transmitters.</P><P>Once learnt, the receiver outputs 4 digital data, one serial data and the transmitter's battery status level. Applications include battery operated / portable receivers, garage door openers, window /gate control, general purpose remote control, alarm systems, access control. </P>
High security 'Keeloq' remote control
  • Range up to 100m
  • Provides simple bolt-on remote control
  • EMC Compliant - requires no radio licence

Transmitter keyfobs
  • Miniature pocket keyfob
  • Power saving auto shut Off feature
  • User customisable housing
Receiver decoders
  • Ceramic super heterodyne technology
  • Easy learn transmitter feature
  • CMOS/TTL outputs, latch or momentary
  • Serial data output (transmitter ID)
  • Outputs transmitter battery status
66 x 34 x 16mm63.5 x 14.25 x 3.3mm

Technical specificationTransmitterReceiver
Supply voltage12V GP23A Battery5V
Supply current8mA (max)7mA
Radiated power<10mW
Temperature-0°C to + 60°C-25°C to +80°C
Sensitivity-Typical -106dBm
3dB Bandwidth-+/-400KHz
Part NumberDescriptionOrder code
110C1-433AAM Transmitter keyfob 1 button43-0284
110C2-433AAM Transmitter keyfob 2 button43-0286
110C3-433AAM Transmitter keyfob 3 button43-0288
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