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Installation Testers

Uses Of Electrical Installation Testers

You can use electrical installation testers for a variety of tests, including:

  • Insulation-continuity tests – diagnose breakdown of the insulation in various parts of the electrical system such as wires, transformers and motors. The quality of insulation is critical in ensuring uninterrupted and safe functioning of electrical circuits.
  • Checking RCD devices – check the proper functioning of residual-current devices (RCDs). RCDs are designed to disconnect quickly to mitigate the harm caused by electric shock and to avoid current leaks that may lead to fire and other dangerous situations.
  • Loop testing – a quick, convenient, and specific method of evaluating an electrical circuit’s ability to engage protective devices (circuit breakers, fuses, RCDs). A ground loop determines the effectiveness of protective devices.
  • Resistance measurement of grounding systems – verification tests to ensure that a system’s resistance is low enough to protect people, equipment and structures.