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RVFM 1:120 Inline Motor and Gearbox

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This economy motorised gearbox is fitted with a 3 to 12V DC motor. The output shaft is 5.5mm diameter and 9mm long with 2 flats. Ratios of 1:120 give final speeds of between 70-140rpm depending on voltage used.

  • Smooth running
  • 3x mounting holes
  • Ideal for small educational projects including fairgrounds and robots
  • No load current: 70 – 130mA
  • Under load at 6.0V: Motor output turning power is
  • Dimensions 7(L) x 2(W) excluding shaft x 2(W)cm
  • Weight: 30g
Current (No Load) 130mA
Input Power (Max Torque) N/A
Max Torque N/A
Nominal Voltage 3 to 12V
Speed (Max Torque) N/A
Speed (No Load) 140rpm


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30 August 2017 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 37-1217
Q. What is the gear ratio of this motor? Does it mean for every one turn of the motor, the output shaft turns 120 times or is it the other way around? Also the "title" gear ratio is oppose to you "product details" ratio. Thanks Hamish
A. Hi Hamish, thank you for your question. This should be 120.1 so 1 turn of the shaft equals 120 turns of the motor.

18 January 2017 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 37-1217
Q. Do you supply anything like this set of gears that fit this motor?
A. Hi Declan, thank you for your question. Unfortunately not.

26 September 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 37-1217
Q. What is the torque at the output shaft and is the direction of rotation reversible by reversing the supply leads?
A. Hi Bryan. Thank you for your question. The manufacturer does not mention the torque rating of the output shaft but states that RPM range without a load is 69-100rpm and the unit can be reversed by changing the polarity.

22 November 2012 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 37-1217
Q. Do you supply a bracket for this gearbox?
A. Hi John. Thank you for your question. The only bracket we can offer is the 37-0360 which will fit but needs the cable tye to secure the motor in place. The inner part of the motor mount is not required.

27 January 2012 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 37-1217
Q. Do you supply wheels to fit the motor spindle of the 37-1217 motor unit??
A. Thanks for your enquiry Martin. I'm afraid we don't stock any wheels that would fit this motor.


Great little gearbox and motor

Reviewed by: Mr B_DT - 24 June 2015
This motor works nicely at 5V, so is compatible with microcontroller boards, provided you have a motor driver / voltage regulator to your PIC/etc it can run on upto 12V, so you can increase the speed directly with voltage if you like. It's cheap enough to create new robotic type projects with, and the holes make it easy to attach. Nice little product.


Reviewed by: Colin Durrans - 06 March 2015
These low cost gear-motors offer terrific value for money. Very reliable and easy to drive, I'd recommend them for any small robot project. We're using them in MiniSumo Robots with printed wheels:

Great value

Reviewed by: Tom Lynch - 20 January 2014
Both this product and the 1:220 Right Angled Motor and Gearbox (37-1216) products are fantastic value. The motors easily run off 5V which is great for powering the motor with an L293 or a transistor circuit connected to an Arduino or other microcontroller board. This inline motor has a nice middle of the range gear ratio that makes for a good balance between high torque and speed speed. This coupled with the low price make it a really good option.