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Cliff K21 Control Knobs and Coloured Caps

<p>The Cliff K21 series is a range of black control knobs that fit splined, 'D' and round-shafted controls, while presenting the same design of knob regardless of fixing. Suitable caps are available separately in a range of colours, with or without marker dots or lines.</p>
  • Range of shaft diameters and fixings
  • Height (with cap) 19.2mm
  • Max. diameter 19.3mm
  • Range of coloured caps with or without marker
  • Cliff K21 series
Please note that knobs are supplied without caps.
Order codeMftrs Part No.
32-1904CL178882Black knob6mm splined
32-1906CL178883Black knob6mm D shaft
32-1912CL178886Black knob1/4 D shaft
32-1902CL178881Black knob4mm screw
32-1908CL178884Black knob6mm screw
32-1914CL178887Black knob1/4 screw
32-1916CL1730BlackSolid colour
32-1946CL1734RedSolid colour
32-1940CL1738YellowSolid colour
32-1934CL1742GreenSolid colour
32-1952CL1740BlueSolid colour
32-1928CL1736GreySolid colour
32-1918CL1764BlackMarker line
32-1948CL1768RedMarker line
32-1960CL1769OrangeMarker line
32-1942CL1772YellowMarker line
32-1954CL1774BlueMarker line
32-1930CL1770GreyMarker line
32-1938CL1755GreenMarker dot
32-1926CL1746WhiteMarker dot
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04 June 2016 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. Hi is it possible to buy just the coloured caps ? Thanks Stephan
A. Hi Stephan, thank you for your question. The caps are available separately, these are available here.

28 August 2014 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 32-1924
Q. What is the diameter of this cap? Thank you.
A. Hi Bryan. Thank you for your question. Overall the size is 13.24mm fitting in a 9.16mm hole.