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Bungard FR4 Epoxy Photo Resist Single Sided Printed Circuit Boards

<P>High quality single-sided epoxy <STRONG>printed circuit boards </STRONG>from<STRONG> Bungard </STRONG>with copper cladding and a positive <STRONG>photo resist </STRONG>coating.</P><P>Bungard represents excellent quality and reliability of the materials and equipment used in producing circuit boards for prototypes and limited series production. The base material conforms to all international standards and releases, as listed in summary in the standard IPC 4101 A.</P>
  • Lacquer coat absolutely dust-free with straight edges
  • Photo lacquer is burnt in and artificially aged, ensuring a very long storage time
  • Only original Bungard circuit boards have a special, blue-dyed light-protective film
  • Available in a range of sizes and thicknesses with natural or blue backing
  • Maximum spectral sensitivity is in the range of 350 to 450nm
  • Optical resolution of the resist better than 30μm
Order codePack SizeCopper Thickness (µm)Dimensions (mm)MaterialBackingPhoto finishThickness (mm)
50-5403835300 x 200EpoxyNaturalPositive0.125
50-5407835300 x 210EpoxyNaturalPositive0.2
50-54063535160 x 100EpoxyNaturalPositive0.2
50-5376135160 x 100EpoxyNaturalPositive0.5
50-5378135160 x 100EpoxyNaturalPositive1
50-5394135100 x 60EpoxyNaturalPositive1.5
50-5396135100 x 75EpoxyNaturalPositive1.5
50-5398135160 x 100EpoxyNaturalPositive1.5
50-5400170160 x 100EpoxyNaturalPositive1.5
50-5392135200 x 150EpoxyNaturalPositive1.5
50-5397135250 x 250EpoxyNaturalPositive1.5
50-5389135100 x 60EpoxyBluePositive1.5
50-53991035160 x 100EpoxyNaturalPositive1.5
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24 March 2014 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. What do you recommend to develop and etch these boards?
A. Hi David. Thank you for your question. Something like the following order codes either in bulk or a small kit, dependent on how many boards are being developed and etched: 87-0722, 34-0395 or 34-0385.