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Pressmaster - Quality to Hand

Pressmaster - Taking pride in our tools...

Pressmaster - Quality to Hand

Pressmaster is a world-leading manufacturer of professional cable termination tooling. Our engineering experience is deeply rooted in the heartland of Sweden – a country with a strong tradition of manufacturing some of the world’s best hand tools. Innovation, modern technology and skilled craftsmanship have helped us master the art of developing precision hand tools for the electrical, electronics and industrial markets.

The Mobile Crimp Tool is a natural complement to our new range of cut and strip tools. Without compromising performance these versatile and practical tools are ideal for field use. Pressmaster, world famous for industrial crimp tools, is now extending its expertise into the field installation and maintenance sectors.

Mobile Crimp Tool - The Clever Crimp tool for professionals on the move

Mobile Crimp Tool - designed for professionals who take their tools to work. Electricians and installation engineers who require good hand tools – reliable, safe and comfortable to use - readily available in a tool box.Today’s working environment is a constant battle for increased efficiency. Field installation contractors offer total solutions for electrical wiring, electronic security, video, data and telecommunications systems. The modern turn-key installer has to be equipped to connect an ever greater number of connectors including power, coaxial, fiber optic and modular connectors. The tool box for a complete crimp tool solution can be a heavy load to carry. Mobile Crimp Tool, the first professional tool that meets these new demands. The easily interchangeable crimp dies are always kept together in pairs and supplied in a modular reusable box. A wide range of applications offers freedom to customise kits for general purpose or also very specific needs. The tool is practical and easy to use without compromising the quality of the crimp.

Practical and easy to use

Mobile Crimp Tool is designed to meet the needs of installers and maintenance engineers. Based on extensive end user interviews the crimp nests have been positioned to give the user good visibility when inserting the connector. A gentle squeeze on the handles holds the connector and keeps it in position when inserting the wire. The crimping is completed by pressing the handles together until the ratchet is released. The easily interchangeable crimp dies are held together in pairs with a special pin and supplied in a modular reusable box. Every detail has been optimised to simplify handling. A tool that is practical and easy to use without compromising the quality of the crimp.

Pressmaster - Quality to Hand