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Antex soldering irons – tips from the top

Soldering is such a vital part of circuit assembly and electronic work that the choice of soldering iron and soldering equipment should not be left to chance. Do not pick up any old iron – Antex soldering irons are trusted by professionals, hobbyists and educational users for their exceptional levels of performance, safety and reliability.

Sixty years of soldering experience has given Antex the edge over their competitors in the design and manufacture of soldering irons that produce joints that are as strong and clean as they are safe. Antex soldering irons include features such as PVC burn-proof silicone cabling, durable polycarbonate handles, slide on hanging hooks and insulation-rich inner ceramic shafts. The XS25W iron offers a superb mains-powered soldering solution providing effective heat transfer and fast temperature recovery.

Gas-powered irons are perfect for quick repairs, confined areas or situations where mains power may not be possible. Antex gas soldering irons available at Rapid include the Gascat 75P. With capacity in its gas reservoir for one hour of soldering, the Gascat is ideal for localised brazing, heat shrink tubing, leadwork repairs, cutting and sealing nylon rope. Customers looking for Antex soldering equipment will find that Rapid stocks Antex soldering stations, soldering iron stands, sponges and lead-free solder.

Antex craft irons apply heat to fabrics, glass, plastic, metal, wood and other materials. Using a variety of different tips, artists and designers can attach gems, studs and other decorative fixings, as well as inscribing, cutting and engraving.

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