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Audio Power ICs

<p>A range of audio ICs with power outputs.</p>
DeviceDescriptionManufacturerPackageOrder code
LM386M-1325mW low voltage power amplifierNSCSO-882-0266
TBA820M1.2W audio amplifierTruSemiDIL-882-0485
TDA2030AV18W Hi-Fi audio power amplifierSTPentawatt V82-0630
NJM2073DSuperior TDA2822M versionJRCDIL-882-2154
TDA2822L1W + 1W Dual low voltage power amplifierTruDIL-882-0673
TDA2009A10 + 10W Stereo audio amplifierSTMultiwatt 1182-0940
TDA72667 + 7W Dual/bridge stereo audio amplifierSTMultiwatt 1582-0942
TEA2025B4.7W Dual/bridge stereo audio amplifierSTDIL-1682-0944
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03 March 2014 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 82-0262
Q. What is the actual function of this specific IC?
A. Hi Michael. Thank you for your question. The function is to amplify small level sound signals and will drive a 2 watt speaker.

19 February 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. I would like to build an electronic educational project (a soft toy with animal sounds) but I don't know which IC use it. Thanks in advance. Regards
A. Hi Mrs Perez. Thank you for your question. If you are just looking for the amplifier ic – you can eliminate some by deciding whether or not you want it to be through hole (DIL) or surface mounting. Then its a matter of mono or stereo. Power of output signal to speaker. I would think it likely to be DIL – Mono and under 2W so 82-0484 is likely to be ok at 1.2W or 82-0264 at 0.325W. It might be easier to use a ready made module such as 13-0665.

22 November 2012 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 82-5020
Q. I am making an MP3 amplifier and I am using a LM384 5W Audio Power Amplifier. What transformer would you recommmend for this?
A. Hi Vithurshan. Thank you for your question. You have a option dependent on how you are making this so either 88-3795 for AC or 85-2953 for a Dc power supply. The datasheet attached to this product contains a circuit diagram.