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Arcol Vitreous Enamelled Axial Resistor

<p>These <STRONG>Arcol 3 watt </STRONG>axial <STRONG>vitreous enamel coated resistors </STRONG>are fully encapsulated in a solid vitrified glass coating for humidity proofing. The <STRONG>Arcol V3 </STRONG>range includes resistance values between 0.1&Omega; and 1K&Omega;. Possible uses include power tools, consumer electronics, power supplies, welders and in high voltage applications. To find out more about our range of <A href="/arcol">Arcol resistors</A>, please visit our <A href="/arcol">Arcol</A> brand page.</p>
  • Power rating of 3 watts at 25°C
  • Maximum voltage 100V
  • Tolerance ±5%
  • Equivalent to Welwyn W21 series
  • High overload and pulse handling capability
  • Non-flammable coating
  • All welded construction
  • Conform to relevant BS, CECC and JSS standards
code(Ω)rating (W)max. (mm)length (mm)dia. (mm)(mm)pt. no.
62-14000R13±5%12.726.50.85.6V3 0R1J
62-14030R223±5%12.726.50.85.6V3 0R22J
62-14091R3±5%12.726.50.85.6V3 1RJ
62-14132R23±5%12.726.50.85.6V3 2R2J
62-142315R3±5%12.726.50.85.6V3 15RJ
62-142522R3±5%12.726.50.85.6V3 22RJ
62-142947R3±5%12.726.50.85.6V3 47RJ
62-1433100R3±5%12.726.50.85.6V3 100RJ
62-1436220R3±5%12.726.50.85.6V3 220RJ
62-14441K3±5%12.726.50.85.6V3 1KJ
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