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ALH Systems Clear Polyurethane Resin

<P>A two-component polyurethane potting compound that is totally transparent to normal light and forms an excellent water-resistant barrier around encapsulated components. Specially designed divided cartridges and syringes, with disposable mixing nozzles, provide freshly mixed, accurately placed compound.</P><P>Each 250ml cartridge (1x 87-7172) has 2 compartments inside that keep the resin and hardener separated. When the cartridge is compressed in a caulking gun, both resin and hardener are emitted in the correct proportion. Inside the mixing nozzle (87-7174) is a matrix of tubes that mix the resin with the hardener as it progresses, exiting the nozzle completely mixed.</P><P>One 250ml cartridge produces 250ml of mixed resin and hardener, ready for use. If not all the 250ml is used at once, a new mixing nozzle (87-7174, available separately) will be required.</P><P>For smaller amounts of ready-mixed resin, we recommend the smaller 50ml dual syringe (87-7176 plus nozzle 87-7178). </P>
  • Twin 50ml syringe fits gun, 87-7180, supplied separately
  • Twin 250ml dispensing cartridge fits standard caulking guns
  • Mixing nozzle ensures correct quantities and uniform mixing
  • Replaceable nozzle allows multiple uses of the cartridge reducing waste
  • ALH Systems type NP1480
  • Supplied in a twin 50ml syringe or 250ml cartridge
Please note that no nozzles are included with the syringes or cartridges.
Form2 liquid components
Viscosity @ 23°CBase material300mP
Specific Gravity @ 23°CBase material1.05
Mix ratio by weight1 base:1.07 hardener(Mixed by nozzle)
Mix ratio by volume1 base : 1 hardener(Mixed by nozzle)
Work life @ 23°C25 minutes
Shore 'A' hardness85° after 48 hours
Max. operating temperature120°C
Electric strength15kV/mm
Thermal conductivity0.3W/m°K
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20 April 2012 Question by: Jamie Thomas
Q. Can this resin be used in an RTV rubber mold to make clear shapes? Thanks
A. Hi Jamie, thanks for your question. Yes this can be used in a mold.

08 January 2012 Question by: ASBO Graphics
Q. Is this Resin flexible once cured?
A. Hi Jordan, thanks for your question. Unfortunately this resin is not flexible once it is cured. If you are looking for a flexible resin then our Raytech Magic Gel (30-0663) may meet your requirements: Raytech Magic Gel in bottles