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Rapid Electronics Top 5 Moments of 2023

Rapid Electronics Top 5 Moments of 2023

What a year it has been, we want to thank our customers, suppliers, and employees for this year. It was hard to condense our achievements into 5, but we have some standout moments at Rapid Electronics that we would like to share with you.

  1. This year, we transformed our Warehouse Management System (WMS), streamlining operations and propelling Rapid Electronics forward significantly. The pinnacle of our achievements was reaching an impressive 98.92% On Time In Full (OTIF), ensuring timely and complete deliveries for our valued customers. Read more here about the key benefits of the new implementation.
  2. A standout highlight of the year belongs to our exceptional Customer Service Team, whose substantial efforts played a pivotal role in securing yet another successful recertification against the Customer Service Excellence Standard. The Customer Service Excellence Standard recertification benefits customers by ensuring consistent, high-quality service, demonstrating a commitment to excellence, maintaining a customer-centric focus, assuring service quality, and building trust and confidence in Rapid Electronics as a reliable service provider.
  3. This year marked a significant milestone for Rapid Electronics as we attended the Tektronix AGC (Accelerating Growth Conference). The noteworthy achievement lies in recognition of our success with two esteemed company awards: Double-Digit Growth and NPI Excellence. These awards showcase our outstanding performance and underscore our commitment to sustained growth and excellence in new product introduction (NPI).
  4. Our brand, Replenishh, reached the final stages as a nominee for the Wholesaler of the Year award at the Electrical Industry Awards 2023. This recognition underscores our commitment to excellence, indicating that we are among the top for providing outstanding products and services in our category. Customers can feel assured that they are associated with a reputable and high-performing wholesaler they can trust and rely on for exceptional service and quality in the electrical industry.
  5. Recently, one of our noteworthy accomplishments is particularly close to home. An impressive 77% of our active employees strongly recommend Rapid as a 'Great Place To Work' to their colleagues and friends. This positive feedback not only contributes towards a favourable work environment but also boosts employee satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement. We will also continue to work towards further improvement opportunities in 2024.

The past year has been a transformative and successful period for Rapid Electronics, marked by significant achievements across various facets of our operations. As we look ahead to 2024, we remain dedicated to continuous improvement and building upon these accomplishments, ensuring that Rapid Electronics continues to thrive as a reliable and innovative leader in the industry.

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Frank Cookson

Congratulations on your achievements, 77% of your employees recommend Rapid as a 'Great Place To Work' is an excellent recommendation, Well done.