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Pioneering Sustainability Through ISO 14001 Implementation

Pioneering Sustainability Through ISO 14001 Implementation

In 2023, we have witnessed significant advancements in our sustainability efforts at Rapid Electronics, guided by our commitment to align with ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management systems. These changes have touched various aspects of our operations, particularly in the realm of packaging and logistics.

One of our most notable accomplishments is the transformation of our plastic void-fill material. We've transitioned to a new formula that incorporates recycled plastic, a change that directly supports ISO 14001's objectives of waste reduction and resource conservation, as it significantly minimises our reliance on non-recycled materials.

Additionally, we're actively exploring eco-friendly alternatives for packaging, with a strong emphasis on 'Jiffy' envelopes. Our ongoing research into paper-based solutions directly corresponds with ISO 14001's focus on sustainable sourcing and reducing the environmental impact of packaging materials.

In our ongoing efforts to minimise our carbon emissions, we've overhauled our logistics strategy. Orders are now loaded into cages in a manner that strategically groups them by destination, a practice that not only enhances efficiency but also aligns with ISO 14001's aim to reduce the carbon footprint of transportation.

Furthermore, our Warehouse Management System (WMS) has transitioned to an all-digital approach to order picking, an advancement that not only improves operational efficiency but also reinforces our commitment to ISO 14001's principles by minimising our use of paper and promoting sustainable, environmentally friendly practices.

At Rapid Electronics, our dedication to ISO 14001 is unwavering. We will continue to embrace changes that align with the standard's objectives, ensuring that we contribute to a greener, more sustainable future in accordance with international best practices.

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