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O'Reilly 9781449392437 Making Things Talk 2nd Edition

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Brand: O'Reilly  MPN: 9781449392437 
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Tom Igoe, 2011, 496 pages.

This extended edition of Making Things Talk serves as an introduction to the concepts and techniques of communication between devices, the environment and humans. Using 33 easy-to-build projects the book provides guidance on such subjects as connecting simple home sensors to the internet or creating a device that can interact wirelessly with other gadgets, so that it will be possible to utilise microcontrollers, PCs, servers, smartphones, etc. in an interconnected system.

The book is perfect for anyone with little techical expertise but with a keen interest in developing useful systems, for example teachers wanting to show students how to monitor and analyse meteorological conditions in several locations simultaneously, or anyone with an interest in forming networks of smart devices that can share data and respond to commands from other devices and humans.
  • Connect simple home sensors to the Internet
  • Create devices that can interact wirelessly with other gadgets
  • Call-up home thermostats with a smartphone and change the temperature
  • Create game controllers that communicate over a network
  • Use ZigBee, Bluetooth, Infrared, and radio to transmit sensor data wirelessly
  • Work with Arduino 1.0, Processing, and PHP—three easy-to-use, open source environments
  • Write programs to send data across the Internet, based on physical activity in the home, office, or backyard
  • ISBN: 978-1-4493-9243-7


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