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Suntan TS19 Tantalum Bead Capacitors

<p>The TS19 series are a range of epoxy coated solid electrolyte Tantalum bead capacitors that are encapsulated with flame-retardant, yellow epoxy powder that is marked using a laser. These capacitors are widely used in military and civil applications, including coupling, decoupling and timing circuits in e.g. TV equipment, camcorders, computers, telecommunications, etc.</p>
  • Range of values and voltages
  • Available with 2.5 or 5mm pitch
  • Ideal for use where high reliability and small size is required at low cost
  • Meets and exceeds IEC 384-15-3, QC300201, and SJ/T10856-96
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Leakage current< 0.02CV or 5µA whichever is greater
Temperature range–55°C to +125°C

Order codePart numberVoltageValueDimensionsPitch
11-1004TS19001A100MSB0A0R10V10µF7 x 4.5mm2.5mm ±1mm
11-1015TS19001A680MSB0A0R10V68µF9.5 x 5.5mm2.5mm ±1mm
11-1014TS19001C2R2MSB0A0R16V2.2µF7 x 4.5mm2.5mm ±1mm
11-1018TS19001C4R7MSB0A0R16V4.7µF7 x 4.5mm2.5mm ±1mm
11-1022TS19001C100MSB0A0R16V10µF7 x 4.5mm2.5mm ±1mm
11-1026TS19001C220MSB0A0R16V22µF8 x 5mm2.5mm ±1mm
11-1028TS19001C330MSB0A0R16V33µF9.5 x 5.5mm2.5mm ±1mm
11-1036TS19001E010MSB0A0R25V1µF7 x 4.5mm2.5mm ±1mm
11-1056TS19001V0R1MSB0A0R35V0.1µF7 x 4.5mm2.5mm ±1mm
11-1058TS19001VR22MSB0A0R35V0.22µF7 x 4.5mm2.5mm ±1mm
11-1060TS19001VR33MSB0A0R35V0.33µF7 x 4.5mm2.5mm ±1mm
11-1062TS19001VR47MSB0A0R35V0.47µF7 x 4.5mm2.5mm ±1mm
11-1068TS19001V010MSB0A0R35V1µF7 x 4.5mm2.5mm ±1mm
11-1070TS19001V2R2MSB0A0R35V2.2µF8 x 5mm2.5mm ±1mm
11-1074TS19001V4R7MSB0A0R35V4.7µF8 x 5mm2.5mm ±1mm
11-1078TS19001V100MSB0A0R35V10µF9.5 x 5.5mm2.5mm ±1mm
11-0624TS19001A100MSB0B0R10V10µF7 x 4.5mm5.08mm ±1mm
11-0626TS19001A150MSB0B0R10V15µF7 x 4.5mm5.08mm ±1mm
11-0632TS19001A470MSB0B0R10V47µF9.5 x 5.5mm5.08mm ±1mm
11-0634TS19001C2R2MSB0B0R16V2.2µF7 x 4.5mm5.08mm ±1mm
11-0638TS19001C4R7MSB0B0R16V4.7µF7 x 4.5mm5.08mm ±1mm
11-0640TS19001C6R8MSB0B0R16V6.8µF7 x 4.5mm5.08mm ±1mm
11-0642TS19001C100MSB0B0R16V10µF7 x 4.5mm5.08mm ±1mm
11-0646TS19001C220MSB0B0R16V22µF8 x 5mm5.08mm ±1mm
11-0648TS19001C330MSB0B0R16V33µF9.5 x 5.5mm5.08mm ±1mm
11-0650TS19001C470MSB0B0R16V47µF9.5 x 5.5mm5.08mm ±1mm
11-0658TS19001E2R2MSB0B0R25V2.2µF7 x 4.5mm5.08mm ±1mm
11-0662TS19001E4R7MSB0B0R25V4.7µF8 x 5mm5.08mm ±1mm
11-0666TS19001E100MSB0B0R25V10µF8 x 5mm5.08mm ±1mm
11-0670TS19001E220MSB0B0R25V22µF9.5 x 5.5mm5.08mm ±1mm
11-0682TS19001VR47MSB0B0R35V0.47µF7 x 4.5mm5.08mm ±1mm
11-0688TS19001V010MSB0B0R35V1µF7 x 4.5mm5.08mm ±1mm
11-0690TS19001V2R2MSB0B0R35V2.2µF8 x 5mm5.08mm ±1mm
11-0694TS19001V4R7MSB0B0R35V4.7µF8 x 5mm5.08mm ±1mm
11-0698TS19001V100MSBOBOR35V10µF9.5 x 5.5mm5.08mm ±1mm