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Rapid High Impact Polystyrene Sheet

<p>A range of High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) sheets in a range of colours and sizes.</p>
  • Sheets can be used as conventional flat material, or are sized for economic use in vacuum forming machines
  • Virgin grade for consistency of moulding
  • The 1mm white HIPS offers a cost-effective method for students to prototype their designs prior to manufacture in a thicker material
  • It has the added advantage that students can paint the finished moulding
  • Supplied in packs of 10 sheets of a single colour and size
Tolerance ±1.5mm.
457 x 254mm sheets are suitable for:Clarke's 725 and 917, SATRO 330 and 329
457 x 305mm sheets are suitable for:Formec 300X, Clarke's 1210 (2 sheets)
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09 June 2015 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. Can this material be used in a laser cutter?
A. Hi Nigel, thank you for your question. You could cut this high impact polystyrene sheet with a laser as long as the machine has a setting to do so. Be aware of possible burning plastic fumes. You may need fume extraction or a suitable mask.

29 October 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 37-3182
Q. Hi, Is this a matte or gloss finish. Thanks
A. Thanks for your question. I can confirm that this product has a gloss finish.

09 August 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 37-3182
Q. are these sheets rigid david
A. Hi David. Thank you for your question. These sheets are 2mm thick so over the maximum 457 x 254mm they are quite flexible.

18 June 2012 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 37-3154
Q. Is this material the same as plasticard
A. Thanks for your enquiry Tony. Yes this product looks to be the same material.

06 March 2012 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 37-3180
Q. Is the acrylic sheet clear & colourless? Many thanks Laurie Hallam
A. Thanks for your enquiry Laurie. Yes this product is clear and colourless. The product image is merely a representation of this range as the individual product shot is not yet available.

18 November 2011 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 37-3150
Q. Hi, does this sheet and sheet 37-3148 come witrh a shiny 'show side' ?As I recently learnt that another supplier only supplies black and white hip in a reconstituted from which has a matt finish on both sides. Many thanks
A. Hi Nigel Thanks for your question. This sheet comes with a shiny side and matt finish on the other side.

06 November 2011 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 37-3100
Q. what thickness?
A. Thanks for your enquiry. These sheets are 1mm thick.