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Piggyaxe 6 LED Flasher Kit

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A kit of parts to make a circuit that flashes 6 LEDs at random. The circuit is really 6 separate circuits combined into a single chip: a CMOS 40106 Hex (6) Schmitt trigger.

The overall circuit is made up of 6 relaxation oscillators directly driving 6 LEDs. The free-running oscillator frequencies soon drift apart and become out of sync, thus producing an eye-catching 'random' display. By angling the LEDs and adding ping-pong balls as light diffusers, striking effects can be achieved with relative simplicity. The circuit is compact and economical enough to be used to enhance anything that would benefit from some flashing LEDs.

  • Kit contains printed circuit board and standard components
  • See Technical Specification table for list of kit contents
  • Click here to download construction notes for this kit
Type 6 LED flasher kit


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