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Bulgin Anti-vandal Pushbutton SPST 24V DC 50mA LED Dot or RIng IP66

<p>An <strong>ESKA Bulgin</strong> illuminated vandal resistant switch for use in bright daylight. The illumination is in the form of a dot or a ring and the switches are available with screw terminals or 2.8mm spade terminals. The LED operating current must be limited by using an appropriate series resistance.</p>
The operating current of the illumination must be limited by using an appropriate series resistance!

Order Code Connection Dimensions
L (mm)
Mftrs. Part no.
51-2710 2.8mm Faston 32.7 Green point MPI001/28/GN
51-2711 2.8mm Faston 32.7 Red point MPI001/28/RD
51-2714 Screw terminal 31 Blue point MPI001/TERM/BL
51-2713 Screw terminal 31 Green point MPI001/TERM/GN
51-2715 Screw terminal 31 Red point MPI001/TERM/RD
51-2716 2.8mm Faston 32.7 Blue ring MPI002/28/BL
51-2718 2.8mm Faston 32.7 Green ring MPI002/28/GN
51-2719 2.8mm Faston 32.7 Red ring MPI002/28/RD
51-2717 Screw terminal 31 Blue ring MPI002/TERM/BL
51-2720 Screw terminal 31 Green ring MPI002/TERM/GN
51-2721 Screw terminal 31 Red ring MPI002/TERM/RD
51-2712 Screw terminal 31 White ring MPI002/TERM/WH

Common features

Front-panel mounting
Product Specifications S.P. Pushbutton
Functions Maintained-Momentary
Switching power 50mA/24Vdc
Switching voltage 24Vdc
Switching current 50mA
Switch position SPST, Off-On
Specification illuminated
Protection type IP66
Front panel thickness Max 11mm
Dimensions Ø (mm) 22
Installation diameter 19.2mm