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One of the world's leading specialist suppliers of passive components for industry applications. Based in Germany, where the company was formed in 1948, Wima's widely respected range of components, in through-hole and surface mounted options, include plastic film capacitors, paper capacitors and metallised polypropylene capacitors.

With their flame retardant red plastic cases, Wima capacitors are instantly recognisable. Meeting all recognised industry standards such as IEC 60664 and IEC 60384-14 and EMC regulations, Wima's metallised polypropylene and polyester capacitors perform to a high frequency, with a superb degree of interference suppression due to good attenuation and low ESR. The X2 class of metallised polypropylene capacitors are compatible with Class X2 RFI applications. These kind of Wima capacitors are connected to the mains between phase and neutral or phase conductors.

The reliability and self-healing properties of Wima capacitors make them very popular to high volume customers, who also appreciate the environmental considerations that go into their manufacturing process. Wima film capacitors, in through-hole or SMD configurations, are free of toxic substances such as lead, hydrocarbon chloride, PBB/PBDE, cadmium and mercury.

Rapid's selection of Wima capacitors includes components in a wide range of ratings, sizes and voltages, from sub-miniature polyester capacitors to metallised polypropylene suppression capacitors. Series such as the Wima FKP2 are ideal components for tuned circuits, filter networks and oscillator circuits.