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Staedtler pencils – making their point since the 17th century

The name of Staedtler has been associated with pencils since the early history of pencil-making and even printing itself. Friedrich Staedtler had a pencil-making workshop in the city of Nuremberg as early as the 1660s, at a time when the German city, as one of the first to make graphite sticks from powdered graphite, was at the sharp end of pencil technology. Subsequent generations of the Staedtler family, most notably Johann Sebastian Staedtler, developed the business from that small workshop to a factory and then into the global enterprise of today.

Staedtler's rich history has always been combined with a proud history of innovation. In 1834 Johann wrote that he had “finally succeeded in producing red pencils which ... can be sharpened to a fine point, offer superb writing performance, do not change their colour and maintain a consistent degree of hardness.” By staying true to these principles, Staedtler products have become part of everyday life.

Rapid is delighted to stock Fimo modelling clay as well as Staedtler's trademark pencils and pens for writing, drawing and artistic work. Staedtler pens for marking laundry and copper clad boards are also available.