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Diptronics Buttons for 6 x 6mm Tactile Switches

A range of square and round buttons for use with the 6 x 6mm tactile switches, (not suitable for round head switches).<br/><br/> To find out more about our range of <a href="/diptronics">Diptronics switches</a>, please visit our <a href="/diptronics">Diptronics</a> brand page.</p>
  • Dimensions; round 4.5mm dia x 5.5mm; square 4mm square x 5.5mm
Order codeMftrs Part No.
78-1170KTSC-61BBlue square
78-1166KTSC-61RRed square
78-1171KTSC-61IIvory square
78-1164KTSC-61KBlack square
78-1174KTSC-61GEGrey square
78-1175KTSC-62YYellow round
78-1176KTSC-62BBlue round
78-1162KTSC-62RRed round
78-1177KTSC-62IIvory round
78-1160KTSC-62KBlack round
78-1178KTSC-62GGreen round
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02 September 2015 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 78-1175
Q. Do you have the square version of this? (yellow button cap KTSC-61Y)
A. Hi Hector, thank you for your question. Unfortunately we only list the round version of these tactile switch caps.

25 February 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. Thank you for your answer - however I believe I didn't put it clearly enough. Have a look at the description on your site against product code 78-1176; it says 'Blue Button 6x6mm Round' It also states the manufacturers part no. as KTSC-61B. As you replied, the manufacturers data sheet states that code 61 is SQUARE. So, if I order product 78-1176, will I get a Round one or a Square one?????
A. Hi Richard. Thank you for your question. 78-1176 is round. Thank you for raising this, we will amend the information.

24 February 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. There confusion in your descriptions regarding Square and Round caps. For example, product 78-1174 is described as Square with Manufacturers part no. KTSC-62GE, but the technical documentation states that 62 refers to Round caps. Would you please clarify.
A. Hi Richard. Thank you for your question. The data sheet advises that those products coded 62 are round bodied - those with 61 are square.