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Ne555d Single Timer (smd)

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Key Features

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General Purpose Bipolar Timer, Astable, Monostable Operating Mode, 500kHz Operating Frequency, 100ns Rise Time, 100ns Fall Time, Adjustable Duty Cycle, 5V Trigger Voltage, 4.5V to 16V Supply Voltage, 0°C to +70°C, 8-SOIC Case, The NE555 Monolithic Timing Circuit is a Highly Stable Controller Capable of Producing Accurate time Delays or Oscillation, Low Turn Off Time, High Output Current, TTL Compatible, Supplied in Tube

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

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DeviceFunctionManufacturerPackageOrder code
NE555NSingle timerTIDIL-882-0336
NE555DSingle timerSTSO-882-0338
TS555CNLow power CMOS single timerSTDIL-882-1048
TS555CDLow power CMOS single timerSTSO-882-1050
TLC555CDLinCMOS timerTISO-851-5972
TLC555CPLinCMOS timerTIDIL-882-0342
TLC555IDLinCMOS timerTISO-882-1200
NE555DSingle timer TTL compatibleTISO-851-7528
NE555PSingle timer TTL compatibleTIDIL-851-7529
SA555PSingle timer TTL compatibleTIDIL-851-7531
ICM7555IPASingle low power timerIntersilDIL-882-0774
ICM7555IBASingle low power timerIntersilSO-882-0772
TLC556CNDual LinCMOS timerTIDIL-851-7532
NE556DDual timer TTL compatibleTISO-1451-7533
NE556NDual timerSTDIL-1482-0344
TS556CNLow power CMOS dual timerSTDIL-1482-1052
ICM7556IPDDual low power timerIntersilDIL-1482-0776


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