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Mr25 Metal Film Resistor Kit

Mr25 Metal Film Resistor Kit
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Key Features

Data Sheets

MR25 metal film resistor kit from TruOhm. Contains 995 0.25W 1% 50ppm precision metal film resistors ranging in value from 10R to 1M, with a total of 70 unique values. These resistors are separated into 10 packets, clearly marked pertaining to their contents.
  • A total of 70 different values
  • Supplied in 10 packs all clearly marked with contents

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Technical Specification
10 x 10R10 x 150R10 x 910R15 x 5K615 x 33K15 x 220K
10 x 15R10 x 180R20 x 1K15 x 6K810 x 39K10 x 240K
10 x 22R20 x 220R20 x 1K210 x 7K510 x 43K10 x 270K
10 x 33R20 x 270R15 x 1K510 x 8K220 x 47K20 x 330K
10 x 39R30 x 330R10 x 1K830 x 10K15 x 56K10 x 390K
15 x 47R10 x 390R10 x 2K15 x 12K10 x 68K20 x 470K
10 x 56R10 x 430R20 x 2K215 x 15K10 x 75K10 x 560K
10 x 68R20 x 470R10 x 2K710 x 16K10 x 82K10 x 680K
10 x 75R10 x 560R15 x 3K310 x 18K40 x 100K10 x 820K
10 x 91R10 x 620R10 x 3K910 x 20K15 x 120K30 x 1M
30 x 100R20 x 680R25 x 4K720 x 22K10 x 150K
10 x 120R10 x 820R10 x 5K115 x 27K10 x 180K
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Royal Ohm 1/4W 1% 122 values Metal Film Kit
Royal Ohm 1/4W 1% 122 values Metal Film Kit


This handy 0.25W resistor kit contains 20 each of 122 values from the E24 series. The resistors are of the axial type and have a metal film construction. The resistors are contained within clear inserts that are housed in a smart and convenient binder.

Rohs Pdf

Code: 62-1504

Royal Ohm
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 5 Stars - "Why discontinue?!" by Mr Kelvin Shirley
29 September 15

A real shame that these are being discontinued. As a pack they represent massive value for money, compared to the other ones in stick which are about 6 times the price (sure there are more values and higher wattage, but I have never needed any more then are in this kit). If you are a hobbyist and are not sure what value resistors you might need then this pack is well worth the money (even if it is more expensive then when I brought mine over a year ago!)

 5 Stars - "Perfect" by Mr Arran Fortuna
27 August 15

A lot more resistors than I imagined.

 5 Stars - "Brilliant for pick and mix" by Rob Wilson
09 April 15

I do a lot of prototyping and this is a very good way of starting a pick and mix stores system.

 5 Stars - "Useful little kit" by Mike
12 January 15

If you are like me you always have every value of resistor except the one you need! This kit gives you a good mix of values to cover most eventualities.

 5 Stars - "excellent kit for prototyping" by Jeremy Crook
21 November 14

This resistor kit is excellent for prototyping and development. The kits contents have the most used values for audio and general development work. It's also a great item to have in your toolkit for faultfinding and repair. A+

 5 Stars - "Ideal addition to my spairs kit" by Richard Morley
14 September 13

The best thing I have brought from Rapid. The resistors are neatly packed in bags with several values in each bag, making it very easy to find the correct value. I have never been stuck on a project short of 1 resistor since buying this kit.

 4 Stars - by Nigel Morgan
16 October 10

Another sensible kit at a very sensible price! Ideal for the hobbyist (like me). What I like particularly is that more resistors are included of the more commonly used values such as 100 ohm, 10K, 47K 100K etc yet at least 10 of the less well used values are also included. Only 4 stars as I feel a few values included above 1M ohm would have been useful, but overall good value for money!


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