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Gearbox and Motor 148:1 - 4.5 to 15v

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Single 148:1 ratio metal gearbox suitable for light industrial, educational, modelling and R&D applications. It is constructed from steel and brass, housed in a protective plastic cover which prevents ingress of dust and dirt and protects the user against accidental contact with gears. The motors is fitted with a bracket with four fixing holes making it easy to mount on a flat surface.

For speed regulation see panel mounted speed regulator (order code: 37-1245) (Not for use below 6V operation).

  • Designed for heavy duty industrial and model applications
  • 4.5 to 15V voltage rating
  • Robust unit boasts a powerful high quality motor
  • Sintered steel bearings
  • Precious metal motor brushes
  • No maintenance required
  • Gears equally efficient in either direction
  • MFA/Como 919D series

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

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Motor data
TypeVoltageMotor output (W)Rated torque ( part no.Order code
6:1 ratio4.5 to 15V21.23000919D6137-1092
11:1 ratio4.5 to 15V21.23000919D11137-1093
50:1 ratio4.5 to 15V21.23000919D50137-1094
100:1 ratio4.5 to 15V21.26000919D100137-1095
148:1 ratio4.5 to 15V21.26000919D148137-1238
500:1 ratio4.5 to 15V21.26000919D500137-1096
810:1 ratio4.5 to 15V21.26000919D810137-1240
3000:1 ratio4.5 to 15V21.26000919D3000137-1097
Reduction table (rpm)
TypeSupply Voltage (4.5V)Supply Voltage (6V)Supply Voltage (9V)Supply Voltage (12V)Supply Voltage (15V)
6:1 ratio9901316197526333295
11:1 ratio540718107714361800
50:1 ratio120158237316395
100:1 ratio5979119158198
148:1 ratio405380106132
500:1 ratio9.751421.53037.5
810:1 ratio810152025
3000:1 ratio1.52356


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