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Masks & Eye Protection

Respiratory equipment & eye protection

The Covid-19 virus enters our body through the mouth, nose and eyes, and is discharged through the upper respiratory system. Face masks are intended to protect others as much as yourself. The UK government has issued guidance on the wearing of face coverings, and when considering what face mask you require, base your choice on the following questions:

  • Who is exposed and to what?
  • How long are they exposed for?
  • How much are they exposed to?

Full face shields and goggles with a seal to the skin offer those in high risk environments greater levels of protection.

The coronavirus pandemic has substantially increased the risk to the eyes. The EU standard covering the requirements of protective eyewear is EN166:2001. All equipment displaying EN 166 has passed a series of performance tests. Look for this standard on all PPE eyewear. Our range includes eyewear from leading PPE brands such as JSP and 3M. Spectacles and goggles need to protect the individual from foreign objects such as dust and dangerous substances as well as the long term effect of sunlight.

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BS-9501L FFP2 / KN95 Particle Filtering Half Mask

BS-9501L FFP2 / KN95 Particle Filtering Half Mask

This particle-filtering FFP2 half -mask has a 4-layer filtration system that guarantees that 95% of droplets are trapped within the filter.

An embedded, adjustable nose clip allows the mask to be put on and adjusted easily to your face shape. It also has a comfortable elastic ear band and skin-friendly breathable fabric to ensure comfort when wearing for long periods of time. The mask incorporates 2 layers of Level 95 melt-blown fabric to protect from bacteria, germs, dust, fog and formaldehyde.

Full certifications, ensuring the masks are to FFP2 standards, and meet standards required for use across the EU

Rapid FS-01 Face Shield

Rapid FS-01 Face Shield

The Rapid FS-01 face shield provides effective eye and face protection from direct droplet splashes. Ideal for staff in retail and hospitality to reassure customers in Covid-safe environments.

  • Perfect visibility
  • Double-sided anti-fog surface
  • Strong acid and alkali resistance
  • Very low weight
  • Soft forehead foam
  • Remove protective film from transparent visor before use


Topgene Type IIR Medical Face Mask - Box of 50

Topgene Type IIR Medical Face Mask - Box of 50

This Type IIR surgical face mask has elastic ear-loops and is made from 3-ply fabric. The outer layer and inner layers are made of SSS non-woven fabric and the middle layer has a paper filter. Gives protection for medical staff.

  • Performance: BFE, Delta P conform to the standards of EN14683:2019 and YY/T 0969-2013
  • 50 masks per box
  • Certification: NMPA (China), CE (Europe)
  • European reference standard: Type IIR