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VEX Robotics Competition - Tipping Point

Tipping Point – the 2021-22 VEX Robotics Competition Game

Tipping Point

Tipping Point is played on a 12’ x 12’ square field configured as shown. Two Alliances - one “red” and one “blue” – composed of two teams each, compete in matches consisting of a 15-second Autonomous Period, followed by a one minute and forty-five second Driver Controlled Period.

The object of the game is to attain a higher score than the opposing Alliance by Scoring Rings, moving Mobile Goals to Alliance Zones, and by Elevating on Platforms at the end of a Match.

There are 72 Rings and seven Mobile Goals on a VRC Tipping Point Field. Each Alliance has two Alliance Mobile Goals, with the remaining three Goals being neutral. Each Alliance also has a Platform located in their Home Zone.

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Rings scored on an Alliance Mobile Goal will count for the respective Alliance, regardless of where it ends the Match. However, Rings scored on Neutral Goals will only count for an Alliance if the Mobile Goal ends the Match in their Home Zone!

As the Match draws to a close, Robots will start heading back towards their Alliance Platforms. Alliances can earn additional points for each Robot and Mobile Goal that ends the Match Elevated on a Balanced Alliance Platform.

The Alliance that scores more points in the Autonomous period is awarded with 20 bonus points, added to the final score at the end of the match. Each Alliance also has the opportunity to earn an additional Win Point by scoring at least one Ring on each of their Alliance’s Mobile Goals, and “Clearing” their Autonomous Win Point Line. This Bonus can be earned by both Alliances, regardless of who wins the Autonomous Bonus.

For complete rules and the full game manual.

Expert's view - Rapid’s Josh Rouse, a UK National Championships head referee and former VEX Nationals and Worlds competitor, gives his opinion on Tipping Point

The 2020 – 2021 season gave teams challenges far beyond those that are usually provided by the VEX Robotics Competition. Remote learning meant teams needed to find new and clever ways to collaborate on their robot builds. Testing was harder than ever and with in-person events impossible, competitions were conducted using the Live Remote Tournament and Live Remote Skills formats.

The 2021 – 2022 season will see the return of in-person competitions and Tipping Point is a game that teams are going to really enjoy. At first glance, it looks complicated, there are so many ways to score! Alliance Mobile Goals, Neutral Mobile Goals, Rings, High Branches, Bases, Elevated Goals, Elevated Robots. But when you break it down it is simple – score the Rings on the Mobile Goals and bring these Goals back into your Home Zone to make them count towards your score. Big points come from placing the Goals on the see-saw like platforms or driving your robots up onto the platforms – but make sure the Platform is balanced otherwise these big points won’t count!

The great thing about this game is because there are so many different ways to score, there will be a wide range of robot designs with different specialisms which makes qualification matches even more important so that teams can form strategic partnerships during Alliance Selection.

This season also sees the introduction of the AWP Line. In each qualification match, teams can earn a vital extra point towards their Win Points and improve their ranking by performing a specific task in the Autonomous Period – but teams are going to need to work together to get it done in 15 seconds!

Good luck for the season ahead.