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Van Damme Green Series Digi Grade AES/EBU 110 Ohm UP-OFC

<P>Van Damme green series digi grade cables have been specifically designed for the accurate transmission of AES/EBU digital audio signals. Low capacitance and stable characteristic impedance ensure that signals remain error and jitter free over long distances. This also makes this cable range suitable for other critical data transfer applications such as RS422, midi and timecode. Also suitable for balanced analogue audio use.<BR></P>
  • Digital audio signal transmission for installations, equipment racks and devices from 1 - 24-pairs
  • Break-in and breakout cables for digital audio workstations, analogue to digital and digital to analogue converters
  • AES microphone cable for interfacing
  • Cabling for AES specific audio patchbays
  • Any 100Ω to 110Ω balanced data application such as RS422, RS485, DMX512 and timecode
  • Suitable for analogue balanced audio as well as AES/EBU
  • Multicore types have 26AWG conductors
  • Ultra pure oxygen free copper for outstanding sonic integrity
Conductor material Bare ultra pure oxygen free copper wire
Stranding 7 x 0.16mm (0.14mm°) AWG 26/7
Insulation material Foam skin polyolefin
Average thickness 0.30mm
Diameter 1.10mm ±0.10
Colour coding IEC 189-2 appendix A
Cabling type Twisted pair
Lay length25mm
Screen type 24µm Aluminium/polyester foil >150% coverage
Drain wire 7 x 0.16 (0.14mm²) AWG 26/7
Jacket material PVC composite pebble grey RAL 7032
Average thickness 0.30mm
Overall diameter 2.90mm ±0.10
Overall jacket
Overall jacket material Flexible PVC composite
Colour Leaf green RAL 6002
Bend radius 10 x overall diameter
Tensile strength >10N/mm²
Elongation >100%
Heat shock test 150C x 1 hour; no cracks
Electrical characteristics
Resistance conductor <144 Ohm/Km
Shield <140
Capacitance core to core50 nominal pF/m
Core to shield 100 nominal
Impedance 110Ω ±20%
Attenuation at 3MHz 7.05dB/100m
Test voltage 500V DC x 1 minute OK
DescriptionMftrs. Part No.Order code
Green Series Digi Grade 8 Pair 100m268-418-05002-3228
Green Series Digi Grade 4 Pair 50m268-414-05002-3234
Green Series Digi Grade 2 Pair 10m268-412-05002-3247
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