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Van Damme Blue Series Studio Grade UP-OFC Pre-Jacketed Multicore Cable

<P>This is the analogue pre-jacketed cable of choice for the professional user. Extremely flexible, sonically transparent and intelligently designed with both numbered and colour coded pairs. This cable more than satisfies the rigorous demands of studio engineers, installers and manufacturers. It has been extensively utilised in studios around the world from the BBC to Abbey Road.</P>
  • Audio multicore looms for 2 - 24 pairs
  • Multi-pin breakout cables
  • Fixed installations in areas not requiring low smoke zero halogen cables
  • Static stage box systems for example in schools, colleges and houses of worship
  • Recording and post production equipment interconnects
  • Wiring of B gauge and bantam patch bays where individual screens are required
  • Industrial paired data transmission where flexibility is required
Conductor material Bare ultra pure oxygen free copper wire
Stranding 28 x 0.10 (0.22mm²) AWG24/28
Insulation material Polypropylene
Average thickness 0.22mm
Diameter 1.00mm ±0.10
Cabling type Twisted pair
Lay length 28mm
Screen type 24µm Aluminium/polyester foil >150% coverage
Drain wire 19 x 0.12 (0.22mm³) AWG24/19
Jacket material PVC composite sapphire blue RAL 5003
Average thickness 0.34mm
Overall diameter 2.70mm ±0.10
Overall jacket
Overall jacket material Flexible PVC composite
Colour Sapphire blue RAL 5003
Bend radius 10 x overall diameter
Tensile strength >12.5N/mm²
Elongation >100%
Heat shock test 150°C x 1 hour; no cracks
Electrical characteristics
Resistance conductor <90O
Shield <70O
Capacitance core to core 100 nominal pF/m
Core to shield 200 nominal
Test voltage 500V DC x 1 minute OK
Blue series studio grade multicore 2-pair 10m268-202-06002-3343
Blue series studio grade multicore 4-pair 10m268-204-06002-3344
Blue series studio grade multicore 8-pair 10m268-208-06002-3345
Blue series studio grade multicore 16-pair 10m268-216-06002-3347
Blue series studio grade multicore 24-pair 10m268-224-06002-3348
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