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Van Damme Ambicore Power and Signal Tour Grade Hybrid Multicore Cable

<P>The Van Damme Ambicore range is a hybrid multicore with an AES/EBU screened and jacketed pair combined with 1mm, 1.5mm or 2.5mm jacketed power cables. Very flexible and specified for dynamic use this cable range provides an elegant solution to the problem of integrated signal and power distribution.</P>
  • Self powered speakers from studio monitors to public address systems
  • Power and DMX512 for stand alone light fittings
  • Interfacing 2 track AES/EBU recorders with existing systems
  • Any application requiring balanced analogue or AES digital audio, RS422/485 or DMX512

Application notes

  • AES/EBU twisted pair suitable for analogue balanced and digital audio
  • Suitable for any 100 to 110Ω balanced data application such as RS422, RS485, DMX512 and timecode
  • Power elements compliant with HO5VV-F harmonised standard
  • Ultra pure oxygen free copper for outstanding sonic integrity
Conductor material Bare ultra pure oxygen free copper wire
Conductor stranding 7 x 0.20mm (0.22mm²) AWG 24/7
Insulation material Foam skin polyolefin
Insulation average thickness 0.20mm
Insulation diameter 1.40mm ±0.10
Insulation colour coding Red/black
Cabling type Twisted pair
Cabling lay length25mm
Screen type 24μm Aluminium/polyester foil >150% coverage
Screen drain wire 7 x 0.20mm (0.22mm²) AWG 24/7
Jacket material PVC composite Pebble grey RAL 7032
Jacket average thickness 0.50mm
Jacket overall diameter 3.90mm ±0.15
Tensile strength >12.5N/mm²
Elongation >100%
Heat shock test 150°C x 1 hour - no cracks
Resistance of conductor<90Ω
Resistance of shield <70Ω
Resistance of insulation >5000Ω
Capacitance - core to core 50pF/m nominal
Capacitance - core to shield 100pF/m nominal
Impedance 110Ω ±20%
Test voltage 500V DC x 1 minute OK

Conductors1mm² AWG 17 triad1.5mm² AWG 15 triad2.5mm² AWG 13 triad
Insulation diameter2.5mm ± 0.13mm ± 0.13.6mm ± 0.1
Colour codeBrown, blue, green/yellowBrown, blue, green/yellowBrown, blue, green/yellow
Overall jacketFlexible PVC composite blackFlexible PVC composite blackFlexible PVC composite black
Overall diameter7mm ± 0.158.3mm ± 0.159.9mm ± 0.15
Bend radius10x overall diameter10x overall diameter10x overall diameter

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