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Steam School FAQs

  • What is included in a Steam School Membership?

    • Steam School host six missions a year exploring real world science, futuristic technology and digital entrepreneurship
    • Each mission includes 5 broadcasts, 1 Steam Solos Broadcast and 1 Steam School Showcase Broadcast
    • The 2020/21 Mission Schedule is as follows:
      • Mission to Mars (14 September – 23 October 2020)
      • Robotics Rocks (9 November – 11 December 2020
      • Fashion Futures (11 January – 5 February 2021)
      • Outbreak (22 February – 26 March 2021)
      • Eco Warriors (12 April – 21 May 2021)
      • Young entrepreNERDs (7 June –2 July 2021)
    • This year Steam School is adding a bonus STEAM SOLO broadcast to every mission featuring games, esports, social media and entertainment technology companies.
    • Schools can buy packages of 100, 200, 600 and 1000 accounts to create individual student and teacher accounts.
    • Every mission includes 18 student challenges with six different pathways (Science, Engineering, Digital Making, Entrepreneurship, Art and Leadership).
    • At the end of each mission Steam School will host a Steam School Showcase broadcast on YouTube and Twitter featuring interviews with the Steam School community and celebrating student achievements.
    • Access the Teacher Dashboard to track participation, progress and achievement.
    • All schools receive free online training and support.

  • When do Steam School broadcasts take place?

    • Broadcasts take place on Thursdays at 12:30pm UK time.
    • Occasionally the timing will change to accommodate a guest's time zone. Advance notice will be given.

  • Do my students need to watch the broadcasts LIVE?

    • Students are encouraged to watch each broadcast live and invite schools to share live feedback via the Steam School Twitter account whilst the broadcast is taking place.
    • Most schools watch on demand, in the most appropriate time for their curriculum requirements

  • Which cohort of students is Steam School created for?

    • Steam School is created for 9-14 year olds.
    • Older and younger students are in the Steam School community, dependent on their ability and interests.
    • Often schools will create accounts for two year groups and share the videos with a wider cohort of students.

  • Can schools from outside of the U.K. participate?

    • Yes! All broadcasts are available on demand. Steam School is very much a global community.

  • Can I create multiple teacher accounts?

    • We encourage schools to appoint a Steam School Lead Teacher and create accounts for their colleagues in science, technology, art, business, citizenship and careers.

  • How many students can add to the platform?

    • School can buy packages of 100, 200, 600 and 1000 accounts to create individual student and teacher accounts.

  • How do students secure digital badges?

    • Students can choose from 18 different challenges enabling them to develop skills as scientists, engineers, digital makers, entrepreneurs, artists and leaders.
    • To secure a digital badge, students are required to complete a challenge journal recording their challenge experience.
    • Teachers approve their challenge submission via the dashboard.
    • Once approved, a student will receive a notification on their dashboard and a new shiny digital badge in their locker room.

  • Can I use Steam School in Classroom?

    • Yes! Some schools use Steam School in timetabled lessons or as an extension activity in science, technology, ICT and business.

  • Can I use Steam School for virtual enrichment?

    • Yes! This is a great way to use Steam School and to involve your parents in this innovative programme.

  • Can I use Steam School across the curriculum?

    • Yes! Steam School supports several curriculum areas including science, technology, art, business, creative media, citizenship and careers.

  • Can I use Steam School with limited ICT and practical facilities?

    • Yes! Teachers can display a broadcast on an interactive whiteboard and use the post broadcast quiz questions to host a classroom discussion.
    • Printable challenge workbooks and challenge certificates are available for those schools who need a paper-based approach to completing challenges.

How can I join Steam School?

Rapid has teamed up with Steam School to offer teachers and parents a 10% discount on an annual subscription to Steam School, including an activity filled 12-month programme for more extensive use across the curriculum. Contact us below for more details.

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