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RK Education RKPT20 PICAXE/Genie Compatible 20-Pin PIC Prototype PCB Kit

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Brand: RK Education  MPN: RKPT20 
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A set of components to make an RKPT20 prototype project board that has been designed to be fully compatible with Genie®, PIC® and PICAXE®*.
  • Low cost and simple method of prototyping 20-pin Genie®, PICAXE® and PIC® projects
  • Can be used with most PIC® and all Genie® and PICAXE® 20-pin microcontrollers
  • Can also be used with Crocodile Clips® and Pic Logicator®
  • Professional double sided PCB
  • Incorporates a large prototype area with plated through holes
  • Includes a software download socket
  • Input and outputs are accessed via plated through holes around the MCU
  • Prototyping area has 0V, 5V and 12V power rails
  • Unit can either powered by battery or DC mains supply
  • Incorporates a 7805 voltage regulator
  • Regulated 5V output is available at a terminal block
  • Excellent method for students and hobbyists to produce Genie®, PIC® and PICAXE® projects


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