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How communicating on the 433MHz RF band maintains the quality of harvested crops.

The value of a stored grain harvest depends on keeping it in good condition, free from spoilage. Pest damage and moisture levels are the prime considerations. A silo or storage unit regulated to a temperature of 10°C and 14% or less humidity is the aim of any sensor or monitoring system.

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Robydome, an agricultural process control solutions provider based in Suffolk, found that wireless delivered a viable alternative for its grain monitoring systems. The wireless sensor system that Robydome has developed and manufactured uses RF Solutions 433MHz transceiver modules in an innovative cost saving solution. "We had used temperature probes in our products for many years but in a cabled configuration", said Steven Monk of Robydome. "This costs time and money in installation and is also time consuming moving cables when emptying the store."

“Wireless became the obvious solution. Using the RF Solutions ALPHA-TRX433S Alpha FM 433MHz Transceiver Module SMD, which we could source from Rapid, integrated into a 2m or 3m lance with a temperature sensor in the tip, the need for any cabling is removed.”

The resulting product, Robydome's ROBYlink FreeLance, is a wireless digital temperature probe designed for semi-permanent sensing. The probes are inserted into the bulk grain and transmit temperature and moisture readings to the wireless receiver, which is linked to a connector box. Data is displayed on hand-held readers that can receive data from up to 32 probes at a time at a range of up to 100m.

An application made possible via the 433MHz ICM licence-free RF band.