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Raspberry Pi 3 Compute Modules, Development Board & Development Kit

<p>The Raspberry Pi <B>Compute</B> is a System-on-Module (SoM) solution that utilises the processing power of the <B>Raspberry Pi 3</B> in a small form factor SODIMM module. The Compute is intended for use in <B>industrial applications</B> and for OEM, CEM, etc. use.<BR><BR>There are two variants of the Compute board. Both boards are based around the Raspberry Pi 3, containing the <B>BCM2837</B> processor and 1GB of RAM, with one board (<A href="/Search?query=75-0642"><U>75-0642</U></A>) having 4GB of onboard Flash memory and the other board (<A href="/Search?query=75-0643"><U>75-0643</U></A>) designed to be used with the microSD connector.<BR><BR>Also available, for use with the two Compute boards, is a Base Development Board (<A href="/Search?query=75-0644"><U>75-0644</U></A>), allowing greater flexibility and versatility when developing applications.<BR><BR>To allow designers to get started easily and quickly <B>Rapid</B> are introducing a Development Kit (<A href="/Search?query=75-0645"><U>75-0645</U></A>) that comes with the Compute module with 4GB Flash (<A href="/Search?query=75-0642"><U>75-0642</U></A>), the Base Development Board (<A href="/Search?query=75-0644"><U>75-0644</U></A>) and an international PSU.</p>
  • The power of Raspberry Pi 3
  • Raspberry Pi in a more flexible form factor
  • Designed for industrial use
  • Develop profiles and I/O connections
  • Choice of internal or external memory types
  • Breakout board available
  • Available as a kit for easy start-up
Order codeMftrs Part No.
75-0642CM3Compute Flash
75-0643CM3 LiteCompute Micro SD
75-0644I/O BoardCompute base board
75-0645CM3 Dev KitCompute dev. kit

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