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Rapid Coloured Polypropylene Sheets

<P>Polypropylene sheets in a range of colours.</P>
  • Sheet size 1100 x 650mm
  • 0.9mm thickness
  • Suitable for laser cutting
Order codeMftrs Part No.Colour
06-8144PL1 010Quartz clear
06-8146PL1 037White
06-8152PL1 014Jasmine yellow
06-8156PL1 016Oxford blue
06-8158PL1 020Black
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28 October 2014 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. can this product be cut easily with a household scissors?
A. Hi Candice. Thank you for your question. These coloured polypropylene sheets can be cut with most good quality scissors.

25 June 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. HI , is it possible to bend this material to a 250mm Rad. without heating??
A. Hi John. Thank you for your question. This is only 0.9mm thickness and not like what is shown in the picture - it is very thin and flexible so would bend easily.

11 January 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. Do the solid colours block all light shining through them, or are they partially opaque when light is shined through them?
A. Hi Chris. Thank you for your question. They will vary in opaqueness depending on the colour – the stronger colours such as Red are less see through than Jasmine yellow, it will also depend on the strength of the light.