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Rapid 60/40 Tin/Lead Flux-Cored Solder Wire

<P>A high grade solder wire containing 60% tin and 40% lead, available in a choice of diameters and reel sizes.</P><P>Rapid 60/40 Tin/Lead Solder Wire provides excellent solder joint reliability, superior joint strength and excellent thermal and mechanical fatigue resistance. It has a rosin-activated flux which requires little cleaning after making the solder joint. It is ideal for use in applications requiring good activation.</P>
  • High grade 60/40 tin/lead alloy solder wire
  • Melting temperature 190°C
  • Recommended minimum bit temperature 300°C
  • Rosin activated flux manufactured to JISZ3283
Please note: This product contains lead and rosin. As of 1st March 2018 the supply of solder containing lead at a concentration above the relevant limit as set out under Article 67 (by virtue of Annex XVII of the REACH regulation) is restricted to professional use only.
Reel sizeGaugeApprox.lengthOrder code
100g22SWG35 metres85-0592
0.5kg22SWG175 metres85-0595
0.5kg18SWG61 metres85-0610
2.0kg18SWG244 metres85-0615
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02 December 2015 Question by: Jamie Brown | Product code: 85-0592
Q. hi can you use this solder foe electronics thanks.
A. Hi Jamie, thank you for your question. This is designed for electronics use.

14 June 2015 Question by: Dave
Q. Can you just confirm that this solder is rosin cored and suitable for making guitar leads?
A. Hi Dave, thank you for your question. This is standard lead solder. This will be suitable for guitar leads.

13 August 2014 Question by: Allen Morgan | Product code: 85-0610
Q. I have been using tin/lead solder with the shown product code for about 7 years. This does not appear to have flux in it. The present product has flux. The solder is used for brass and nickel silver model railway kits which have to be cleaned for painting. How easy is it to remove flux residue, please or do you do tin/lead solder without flux? Regards Allen Morgan
A. Hi Allen. Thank you for your question. We do not appear to have any versions without flux but we can recommend is either using a higher temperature to burn off the flux when soldering or it can be removed after with a small wire or tooth brush and some alcohol spray or liquid will remove it.

18 February 2013 Question by: IJ
Q. What is the shelf life of the solder? After this period do you just chuck it out or does it have to be disposed of in a certain way?
A. Hi IJ. Thank you for your question. As far as we know there is no particular shelf life to this product – and it will depend on the conditions it has been stored in. It is worth trying some to see if the flux core had dried out or not – perhaps removing the first 2-3 inches first. If it doesn’t perform very well – additional flux can be added to improve the results, such as Flux pen 87-4426.

02 May 2012 Question by: Leanne Holman Phillips | Product code: 85-0592
Q. Is this solder lead free?
A. Hi Leanne, this 22swg solder is a 60/40 tin/lead alloy solder and is not of the lead free type. For lead free solder, take a look at product 85-1166, available here:

23 April 2012 Question by: Nicola Lee
Q. Does this solder contain rousin
A. Thanks for your enquiry Nicola. This product contains 1.76% rosin.