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TruMotion Quartz Clock Movement

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Brand: TruMotion  MPN: DM-2016KIT 
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The quartz clock movement kit from Trumotion is a quartz crystal controlled clock movement with second hands that is ideal for replacing defective units or for creating your own personalised clock projects.

The Kit allows you to make any number of different clocks from CDs, papier mache, even paper plates - the only limits are your imagination. Use paper crafting techniques to design and build clocks that will suit any room and express your creativity.

  • M8 (8mm diameter) threaded spindle for securing to clock face
  • Red second hand
  • Hands are secured on tapered shafts with second hand secured within spindle
  • Supplied complete with 3 hands, nut, metal washer and rubber washer
  • Designed for clock faces up to approximately 6mm thick
  • Battery Life: Approximately 13 months
  • Hour hand length 36mm
  • Minute hand length 51mm
  • Second hand length 55mm
  • Body: 56 x 56 x 16mm
  • Weight: 35g
  • CE approved
  • Requires 1x AA battery
Frequency N/A
Power N/A
Range N/A
Soldering No
Type Clock movement


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02 September 2019 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 85-1430
Q. The wood i'm using is 20mm thick. Would this be OK? Alternatively would I need to reduce the thickness where the clock workings are to be placed?
A. Hi Susan, thank you for your question. The thread is only 9.5mm long so about 8mm thickness would be the maximum. The datasheet has the dimensions shown.

29 March 2019 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 85-1430
Q. Have you 12 mm shaft
A. Hi Gerard, thank you for your question. This is the only version we offer. It has a max shaft of 17mm including the 7mm part for the hands. The data sheet shows the sizes.

02 June 2016 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 85-1430
Q. I have just inherited an old electric grandfather clock which was driven by a Smith's English Clocks Ltd motor (Synchronous Electric Clocks Ltd). This mains electric motor no longer runs and was wondering if you could supply a replacement mechanism. The spindle is 30mm long cog to tip. The clock hands are: Hour Hand = 12cm Minute Hand = 15cm I'd be grateful if you could help me with this.
A. Hi Iain, thank you for your question. This is the only clock mechanism we list I'm afraid.

23 June 2015 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 85-1430
Q. I want to keep the old hands when I fit a new movement. Can you tell me the hole size in the hands you supply so that I know mine will fit?
A. Hi Chris, thank you for your question. If you zoom in on the data sheet it shows the spindle dimensions.

04 March 2012 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 85-1430
Q. You say the shaft length is 30mm, but the datasheet shows several shaft lengths the longest being 21mm - please confirm the actual shaft length not including the part that the hands connect to. Also, I assume the shaft is threaded - does the clock movement come with a nut I can use to attach it to my clock face, or do I need to source a nut myself?
A. Thanks for your enquiry Stephen. The shaft is actually 17mm from the front of the clack casing, we will amend this information. Yes the shaft is threaded and there is a nut supplied with it.

15 February 2012 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 85-1430
Q. What is the shaft length? Checked tech specs. Which one is the 85-1430?
A. Hi Terry, the shaft length is approx 30mm.

11 February 2012 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 85-1430
Q. I am looking for a quartz clock kit with a 2 1/4" square "movement" (the box encasing the motor). Would this fit my requirements?
A. Hi Zoe, thanks for your question. The face is 56 x 56mm, so is 2 1/4 inch square.

04 October 2011 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 85-1430
Q. Does this come assembled?
A. Thansk for the enquiry This kit does not come assembled you simply have to put the clock hands on it is rather simple to do


New life from and old clock

Reviewed by: Ian Thompson-Bell - 08 May 2014
We have a large old quartz clock that we have had for some years. Lately, despite frequent battery changes, it loses time and after a few weeks stops. We like the clock so I ordered the quartz clock movement from Rapid to replace it. Getting the clock apart was quite difficult but removing and replacing the mechanism was straightforward. Our old clock is now as good as new.

Recycled old mantle-piece clock. Keeps good time.

Reviewed by: Peter Bush - 20 March 2014
I had a quaint looking old mantle-piece clock (not a valuable antique) whose clockwork mechanism had given up long ago. Giving it this mechanism transplant gave it a new lease of life and the time-keeping is as good as any of my other modern clocks. The kit has everything you need for the basis of making your own clock. However if you are refurbishing an old clock as I did, be prepared for some extra work attaching the original hands to the mechanism as older clocks had different hand mountings. Fear not, with diligence, glue, perspicacity and if all else fails a good sleep and another crack in the morning - well it worked for me - you will have a clock my son.