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RVFM Pico Ammeter

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Brand: RVFM  MPN: 614-008 
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The picoammeter is designed to measure very small currents and has 10 ranges, selected by a rotary switch, from 100pA to 3µA. The instrument has a large moving coil meter and can be auto-zeroed by a membrane switch. Input is by way of a UHF socket for shielded leads, alternatively 4mm plugs can be plugged into the UHF socket and associated 4mm socket. An input impedance of 10MΩ prevents damage by voltages up to 5kV.

Suggested uses include measurement of current for Plank's constant experiments, ionization currents, reverse current of silicon diode, resistivities of wood and paper, capacitor leakage current, etc.
  • Includes: UHF male to 4mm plug shielded lead, UHF socket for shielded lead
  • Suitable for Key Stage 3+ (age 11 and above)


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