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Looking to reduce the steps in your PCB production?

The use of components for different soldering technologies (wave/reflow) often results in the PCB being assembled in stages. The concurrent use of SMD and THR PCB connection technology is aimed at reducing the number of production steps and manufacturing the module using just one soldering process. Adjustments to existing production equipment or to the process control system are to be avoided whenever possible.

Regardless of which assembly method is used – SMD or THR – the components must be developed for the individual process steps of SMT mounting and the respective requirements.

  • Reproducible high process quality, thanks to the high degree of automation
  • Through-hole technology ensures the high mechanical stability of the connection component
  • High process efficiency, thanks to processing THR and SMD components using one method

Do you need a customised connection solution? Phoenix Contact provides a wide variety of customer-specific modifications, whether a version for serial production or a completely new product development.