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Orangepip Starter Kits

<p>These Orangepip starter kits are an ideal way to learn, invent and engineer a wide range of projects using the free online, open source Arduino&reg; Integrated Development Environment (IDE).</p><p>The kit contains a wide range of components that are suitable for both basic and advanced programers alike. </p><p>The development boards are simple to use, and just require a connection to a computer via USB to get started.</p>

These starter kits include:

1Orangepip Kona328 or Mega25602Bright White LEDs
1USB A to USB B male cable1RGB LED
1Trimming tool5Red LEDs
1Breadboard5Green LEDs
1Piezo sounder5Blue LEDs
19V Battery clip5Yellow LEDs
75Solid core jumper wires5100uF 25V capacitors
2Stranded jumper wires210uF 50V capacitors
1Mini servo522pF Ceramic capacitors
1DC motor5100pF Ceramic capacitors
1Alphanumeric LCD (16 x 2 characters)1010R resistors
5Transistor (BC547)10100R resistors
2MOSFET transistors10220R resistors
5Diodes10470R resistors
1Stepper motor controller/driver101K resistors
1Optoisolator102K2 resistors
5Photo resistor104K7 resistors
1Temperature sensor (TMP36)2010K resistors
1Tilt sensor10100K resistors
10Tactile switches101M resistors
39mm 10K Potentiometers1010M resistors
17-Segment display
Individual components may change and be replaced with alternative parts.
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