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Scientific Calculator - 2 Lines, 252 Functions - Casio FX-83GT & FX-85GT PLUS

<P>Scientific calculators with twin-line LCD dot matrix displays, which show calculations in a natural textbook format. The two models have identical specifications except that the FX-83GT is powered by a single AAA battery, whereas the FX-85GT has the additional benefit of a dual power supply &ndash; solar and battery.</P><P>The new FX-83GT PLUS and FX-85GT PLUS offer you additional functions such as Verify, Prime Factorisation and Recurring Decimal.</P><P>The FX-85GT PLUS is also available in bright pink.</P>
  • Total of 249 functions including 164 scientific
  • 12 + 2 mantissa + exponent
  • 7 memories
  • 79 byte formula memory
  • 24 level parenthesis
  • Functions include trigonometrics, (SIN/TAN, etc.), logarithms, co-ordinate conversion, hyperbolics, factorials, combinations and permutations, standard deviation, linear regression, random numbers and many more
  • Slide-on case
  • Dimensions 161 x 80 x 13.7mm
  • Weight 110g
  • Suitable for Key Stages 2, 3, 4 & A Level (ages 7 to 18)
25-0313 and 19-1950 require an LR44 button cell (included).
Order codeMftrs Part No.
25-0311FX-83GTFX-83 GT PLUS
25-0313FX-85GTFX-85 GT PLUS
19-1950FX85GTPINKFX-85 GT PLUS in Pink

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