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Molymod Molyorbital Molecular & Atomic Orbital Set Benzene, Ethane, Ethene, Ethy

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Brand: Molymod  MPN: MOS-900-4  EAN-13: 0884413900047
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This set consists of sufficient parts to make models of benzene, ethane, ethane and ethyne. These superbly designed models help to demonstrate both sigma-bonding and pi-bonding and therefore the concept of electron delocalisation and orbital hybridization.

  • Spheres-2 carbon (6 hole), 8 carbon (5 hole), 2 carbon (4 hole), 18 hydrogen.
  • Links - 9 carbon-carbon (oval shaped) sigmabonds, 18 carbon-hydrogen (pear shaped) sigma-bonds, 9 pi-bonds (21 pink and 21 purple pieces)
  • Supplied as a set of 4 model kits
  • Molymod type MOS-900-4
No. of atoms / links 36
Type Molyorbital


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