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Miniature Piezo Transducer with Flying Leads

<p>This piezo transducer is able to generate a range of audible tones and frequencies when energised by a 12V peak square wave. Provided it is mounted rigidly in the prescribed manner, outputs of up to 80dB can be achieved.</p>
  • Flying leads
  • Requires drive circuit
  • PCB mounting
  • Ideal for toys, clocks and watches, calculators and electronic games, using the transducer in place of a speaker
  • Suitable for use in professional, commercial and industrial applications.
  • Durable in domestic appliances
  • Available in 12.5, 23 and 30mm diameter options
Note: Not suitable for speech and music.
Order code35-004535-004635-0047
Rated voltage12V peak to peak12Vpeak to peak12V peak to peak
Allowable voltage max.25V peak to peak30V peak to peak30V peak to peak
Current consumption2mA at 4.0KHz3mA at 4.0KHz8mA at 4.0KHz
Sound output75dB80dB80dB
Frequency4.0 4± 0.5KHz4.0 4± 0.5KHz3.6 4± 0.5KHz
Housing materialABS / blackABS / blackABS / black
Weight 1.3g1g3g
Operating temperature-20°C to +60°C-20°C to +60°C-20°C to +60°C
Storage temperature-30°C to +70°C-30°C to +70°C-30°C to +70°C
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24 January 2013 Question by: Graham | Product code: 35-0046
Q. I'm looking to replace the uncased piezo transducer provided with the Genie Project Kit with one from which I can get more volume. Any suggestions?
A. Hi Graham. Thank you for your question. The sounder can be made louder by sticking it to a box or flat plastic sheet to act as a sounding board.The volume is mainly limited by the supply voltage to the genie which cannot exceed 5v. If you add a 500R resistor or 1K in parallel with the piezo this will make it a bit louder. To get LOUD volume you would need to use an amplifier between the gene and a bigger speaker or larger Piezo.