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RVFM Miniature Piezo Transducer 23mm

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Brand: RVFM  MPN: 35-0046 
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This 23mm piezo transducer is able to generate a range of audible tones and frequencies when energised by a 12V peak square wave. Provided it is mounted rigidly in the prescribed manner, outputs of up to 80dB can be achieved.

  • Flying leads
  • Requires drive circuit
  • PCB mounting
  • Ideal for toys, clocks and watches, calculators and electronic games, using the transducer in place of a speaker
  • Suitable for use in professional, commercial and industrial applications.
  • Durable in domestic appliances
Frequency 4kHz
Size 23 x 4.6mm
Sound Output 80dB
Type Piezo


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24 January 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 35-0046
Q. I'm looking to replace the uncased piezo transducer provided with the Genie Project Kit with one from which I can get more volume. Any suggestions?
A. Hi Graham. Thank you for your question. The sounder can be made louder by sticking it to a box or flat plastic sheet to act as a sounding board.The volume is mainly limited by the supply voltage to the genie which cannot exceed 5v. If you add a 500R resistor or 1K in parallel with the piezo this will make it a bit louder. To get LOUD volume you would need to use an amplifier between the gene and a bigger speaker or larger Piezo.


All round transducer

Reviewed by: Joel Wilkins - 31 January 2017
A very good transducer as it has mounting holes which are extremely convenient for mounting onto projects and just generally securing into place. The transducer has a clear sound and is reasonably loud at 5v but could be used on 12v if the sounder needs to be louder as desired. The transducer was a good price and came very quickly.