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Loctite industrial adhesives and sealants

Loctite has specialised in bonding industrial surfaces since 1956. Through investment in innovative systems and research, Loctite has developed a range of anaerobic, cyanoacrylate, epoxy, hot melt, silicone and UV light curing technologies to resolve many of the challenges involved in industrial MRO.

Industrial equipment is prone to all manner of wear and tear – such as impingement and mechanical damage, cracks, worn keyways, exposure to chemicals, abrasion, cavitation and erosion. From threadlocking to threadsealing, Loctite’s range of products help your equipment endure tough surroundings and demanding conditions. Threadlocking products like nutlock and screwlock adhesive prevent self-loosening and loss of clamp load to due vibration and shock loads.

With high strength curing and bonding characteristics, Loctite adhesives can be employed in an incredibly wide range of applications, such as threadlocking and threadsealing, pipes and joints, structural bonding, protective coating, gasketing, rust protection and priming. Using Loctite in your MRO application will help you make considerable savings by not having to replace industrial parts.

Loctite lines are now available at Rapid across the full range of adhesive and sealants – from superglue to structural bonding, gasketing sealant to cyanoacrylate. Superior adhesion to metal, ceramics, wood, glass and plastics make Loctite adhesive an excellent choice as an industrial bonding agent. 

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