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RVFM Laboratory Retort Stand Set

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Brand: RVFM  MPN: KIT 
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Laboratory retort stand set - essential equipment for all science labs. The set comprises 1 each of retort stand base, rod, clamp and bosshead.

  • Retort base 200 x 125mm
  • Rod 500 x 10mm dia.
  • Retort clamp 260 x 85mm
  • Retort clamp has rubber jaws and 3 prongs
  • Bosshead fits rods up to 16mm

Actual product supplied may vary from that shown.
Type Retort stand set


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24 October 2018 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 13-0140
Q. I have a marble that needs to be held in to the clamp. The marble is 18mm diameter. Will the clamp hold the marble or fall through.
A. Hi Abby, thank you for your question. This laboratory retort stand set will hold a 18mm marble.

23 July 2018 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 13-0140
Q. What is the length of the arm extending from the rod on this model? Do you other length arms available if required?
A. Hi Connor, thank you for your question. The details of the clamp in the kit can be found here. The overall length is 250mm. This appears to be the longest arm we stock .

01 November 2017 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 13-0140
Q. What are the minimum and maximum jaw sizes for the clamp?
A. Hi Chris, thank you for your question. The minimum is 1.2mm and the maximum is 98.3mm.

19 March 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 13-0140
Q. I am looking for a retort stand approx 80cm high with 3 clamps that can hold strong metal grills which will hold flower arrangers wet Oasis foam and flowers for arrangements. The base must be heavy to balance the weight of the arrangements
A. Hi Mary. Thank you for your question. 52-1307 is 750mm tall. A boss head and clamp assembly could be 52-0140 but is not vary variable. A more flexible arrangement is to use clamp 52-0140 and the bosshead pack (5) 52-0142 but this does work out more expensive.

09 February 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 13-0140
Q. I am looking for a clamp stand with clamps to hold flowers for photography purposes. Your stand looks ideal but I am unsure about what size clamp to get. Obviously I am looking for something that will hold flowers stems of various sizes and delicacy. Can you advise please.
A. Hi Shaaron. Thank you for your question. You may find the clamps (06-6450) better for this application as the fingers of the jaws are flatter – compared to the round one of the other version. 52-0518 and bossheads (52-0540) might provide a better combination to hold it further from the upright rod of the stand ( and 52-0138).

10 May 2012 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 13-0140
Q. what is the weight of the stand? How much weight can the stand support? thanks.
A. Thanks for your enquiry Ellie. The weight of a complete set is approx 2.35Kg. There is no indication as to max weight it can support available, likely because this will vary upon distance from the supporting rod and how tightly it has been assembled.


Perfect for our application

Reviewed by: Emma - 06 October 2015
We use the retort stand and clamps to hold samples for burning tests, these have stood up well to this level of (ab)use and are going strong. The added bonus was that they arrived the next day!

Great product and service

Reviewed by: - 22 January 2014
I was looking for a burette stand online, but many retailers provided little product information, so I was hesitant to purchase this item online for fear of buying the wrong thing and having to deal with the hassle of returning it. Then I found it on Rapidonline - the experience of using this website was very efficient and straightforward. The product was well described, the questions posted and answered at the bottom of the page answered the same questions I had, and the delivery was very fast. I will definitely be using again.

Excellent fast service, product as described.

Reviewed by: Pauline Warman - 13 March 2013
I purchased the Retort Stand base (0136, Rod (0138) 4 Prong clamp (0518) and Bosshead clamp (0540) as you advised a previous customer, for photographing plants, stems etc. I ordered at around 1600 on 12th March, and the goods arrived during the morning of 13th March. I am very pleased with the equipment, which is exactly what I need, and would certainly recommend you. Many thanks.