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RVFM Laboratory Bench Power Supply - 0-15v

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Brand: RVFM  MPN: 605-055 
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This laboratory bench power supply has an output voltage selected by up/down push switches in 1V steps, up to 15V. Voltage can be switched safely at full load without serious contact wear. Output protection is handled by a 30A heavy duty relay.

The outputs are opened momentarily, controlled by microprocessor, between switching times. Fully protected secondary by high speed, microprocessor controlled and resettable electronic trip.

Over current is measured and timed for cases of serious overload and slight overload to decide tripping time, so as to avoid oversensitive tripping in cases of initial heavy current surge, for example lamp bulbs. Schoktty barrier diodes are employed for rectification with less voltage drop and power waste thus eliminating the need for noisy internal cooling fan.

  • Long switch lifetime
  • Slow-blow fuse protection for transformer primary
  • Suitable for Key Stage 3+ (age 11 and above)
Measuring Range 0 to 15V
Type Bench power supply


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