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Klauke EK50ML Micro Electro-Mechanical Crimping Tool

<P>The Klauke EK50ML Micro electro-mechanical crimping tool takes the effort out of production-line crimping that can lead to aching hands and even Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).</P><P>Its motorised mechanism provides all the energy required to perform the crimping action, with the operator only having to press the trigger. Due to its highly controlled action, the EK50ML also produces more accurate and consistant results than are possible using a hand-operated tool.</P><P>The EK50ML is supplied with a 10.8V, 1.5Ah Lithium-Ion battery pack, 40-minute charger and a rugged storage case.</P><BR><IFRAME height=315 src="//" frameBorder=0 width=560 allowfullscreen></IFRAME><BR><BR><IFRAME height=315 src="//" frameBorder=0 width=560 allowfullscreen></IFRAME><BR>
  • Powerful drive technology for effortless operations
  • One-lever operation for controlling all tool functions
  • Very low weight and high speed for maximum efficiency
  • Ergonomic 2-component housing
  • Electronic control with lock function monitors complete closing of the dies
  • Automatic retraction when crimping is complete
  • Manual retraction in case of need thanks to opposed lever actuation
  • Motor stall protection in case of faulty operation
  • Mounting lugs for use with balancer or as fall protection when used outdoors
  • Li-Ion battery with charge status display
  • LED light for illuminating crimping point and work area
  • Supplied complete with battery, charger, crimping die jaws suitable for 0.5 to 6mm² insulated crimps and rugged storage case with storage space for crimps
  • Wide range of series 50 jaws for other crimp terminals available separately
  • Klauke type EK50ML
Crimp size (dependent on die fitted)0.14 to 50mm²
Crimps per battery chargeApprox. 300
Crimping time< 1.5s
Crimping force15kN (max.)
Battery voltage10.8V
Battery capacity1.5Ah
Battery charge timeApprox. 40 min
Operating temperature-10 to +40°C
Sound level< 70dB (A)
Vibration< 2.5ms²
Weight inc. battery0.96kg
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