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Food Manufacturing

Food Manufacturing

Food Manufacturing

Food, glorious food! But before it ends up on your plate, the morsels before you have been through the food manufacturing industry – harvesting, storage, processing, packaging and transportation – a journey from farm to fork involving a huge range of machinery and equipment. Many of the components involved in these processes are available from Rapid.



Fans & Accessories

Choose from our extensive range of axial and box fans, domestic fans, miniature fans for use in cooling applications within food processing machinery and refrigeration equipment. Products include AC and DC brushless axial fans, cabinet ventilation fans, miniature fans using MagLev technology and fan accessories such as cooling guards, protective grills and connector cables.

Encapsulated Transformers

Encapsulated transformers perform a vital role within the food manufacturing industry, with typical applications including heating, lighting, air conditioning, machine tooling and fans.

Sirens & Beacons

Food processing is no less vulnerable to hazards and malfunctions than any other industry, so sirens and beacons keep food manufacturing workers aware of dangers in sensitive working environments. Choose from our range of flashing beacons, signal towers, rotating beacons, light buzzers, low power sounders and warning sirens.

Frequency Inverters

Frequency inverters are needed in the food industry to keep drive systems as efficient and reliable as possible. Varying the speed, power and torque of motors, drives and gears to meet load conditions is vital in applications such as pumping, agitating, transporting, processing and feeding, filling and packing. Rapid supplies a wide selection of frequency inverters from brands like Siemens and Schneider.

Timers & Controllers

Industrial baking operations require highly efficient timers and controllers to keep ovens and food preparation processes working at their optimum level. Errors of timing could have a significant effect on industrial output, and the products available at Rapid include analogue and digital timers, time delay relays, temperature controllers and time switches.

Limit Switches

Limit switches are used in the food and beverage industry to monitor volume of liquids, solids and content levels at various stages of the production and packaging process. For example, limit switches can detect the level of an automatic pallet stacking system in a frozen food processor unit, triggering the next stage of the process. Mechanical position switches and actuators which can respond to many design challenges are available from Rapid.

Solid State Relays

Solid state relays perform a vital role in the food manufacturing process, primarily in the area of temperature control. Due to their fast switching speeds and absence of physical contacts, solid state relays have a longer life than electromechanical relays, and are considerably less sensitive to mechanical shock, vibration, humidity and external magnetic fields.

Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

Soldering Equipment

Dedicated to stocking the best equipment from budget to premium brands, Rapid is your one-stop soldering shop. From the latest high performance stations to the best deals on lead-free solder and spare parts for irons old and new, there is little the soldering novice or veteran is unable to find in our soldering range. Plus, if you have any questions about using your equipment, our technical team will be happy to support you.

Tool Kits & Sets

Whether repairing a drive belt or refrigeration equipment, food industry professionals require high quality tools.  Rapid offers many solutions for tool storage solutions, from small hand tool wallets to multi-compartment tool cases and heavy duty wheeled tool chests.

NSF Food Grade Cleaners & Sprays

Keeping work surfaces free from germs and harmful bacteria, and electrical equipment safe from contaminants, is an ongoing priority for the food industry. NSF-approved food grade cleaning equipment ensures that food preparation environments are kept as hygienic as possible. Rapid supplies a range of products from Ambersil for use in the food industry, such as silicone lubricant, contact cleaner, air dusting, belt dressing and industrial degreasing sprays.

Screwdriver Sets

Rapid offer an extremely comprehensive range of screwdriver sets for maintenance engineers. Our range includes budget-level sets with Philips, pozidrive and slotted blades, colour coded screwdrivers, those with precision socket and magnetically tipped heads. You can choose from screwdrivers of all sizes and brands including Draper, Stanley, Wera, C.K and Basetech.

Temperature Control & Data Logging

Temperature Control & Data Logging

Temperature Data Loggers

Temperature data loggers help food industry professionals by providing full traceability for the temperature levels of food during storage and transportation. Loggers like those produced by Lascar, Testo and Extech monitor the temperature of foodstuffs from the moment it enters the supply chain to the supermarket aisle where it is purchased by the consumer. Such data ensures suppliers comply with food legislation.

Infrared Thermometers

Useful for spot-checking the surface temperatures of food, and the internal temperatures of fridges and freezers, infrared thermometers are widely used in the food manufacturing industry. Precise measurements are possible with high performance processors. Instruments from manufacturers like Testo, Voltcraft, DeWalt and Fluke offer point-and-shoot functionality for immediate digital readings of hard to reach, hot or dangerous surfaces.


We've all done it – taken the roast out of the oven before it's fully cooked. On an industrial scale, ensuring edible products have reached the correct internal temperature is the task of food thermometers or food probe thermometers. Rapid's range of food thermometers include corkscrew probes for frozen foods, traditional penetration probe thermometers and waterproof probes suitable for liquid or semi-solid sampling.

Thermal Imaging

Food is a sensitive product and sometimes non-contact temperature readings are called for. Thermal imaging cameras are an ideal way to take temperature readings of perishable goods throughout the supply chain. Thermal imaging cameras can measure the temperature of equipment, refrigerated products and cooked foods, as well as inspecting package sealing and improving efficiency in other operations.

Health & Safety

Temperature Control & Data Logging

Ear Protection

It is estimated that certain operations in the food manufacturing industry emit noise levels that exceed 80dB (A) and 85dB (A). Above this employers are legally required to offer protection to their employees. Rapid offer a range of industrial ear defenders, earmuffs and ear plugs to keep ears secure against damaging noise levels in the workplace.

Hand Protection

The regulations for hand protection in the food manufacturing industry are strict – not only to protect the employee but to prevent contamination of the product. Different environments and roles will call for specialist types of handwear – for example, waterproof, flexible gloves for working with poultry; lightweight nitrile gloves for working with chemicals. A selection of latex, nitrile and chemical handling gloves is available from Rapid.

Respiratory Protection

Environments in the food manufacturing industry generate a considerable amount and varieties of substances that can affect respiratory systems, such as dust from spices and flour and other strong smelling ingredients. Masks and respirators suitable for workers in activities like milling, sieving and weighing offer protection against these kind of hazards.

Almost 500 injuries reported per year to HSE happen because protective equipment is not used in the food industry

Source: (HSE) Health and Safety Executive