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Horizon Energy Box + Hydrofill PRO

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Brand: Horizon  MPN: FCJJ-40 + FCH0102 
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This energy box from Horizon combines all Horizon kits and modules into one large set for classroom use, combining 100+ experiments and hours of activities with just one set. The box provides a complete understanding of how fuel cell technology interacts with renewable energy sources to create an entirely sustainable power grid.

The Hydrofill PRO is a "hydrogen on demand" desktop refueling station designed for easy and automatic refilling of Hydrostik PRO metal hydride cartridges. Add pure water and connect to the AC grid, DC solar or wind power solutions for a completely self-sufficient, renewable hydrogen system. Compatible with fuel cell power devices above 2W, and up to 30 W, Hydrofill PRO is particularly suited for schools, labs and technical learning facilities.

The full set comes supplied with: car chassis base, micro PEM fuel cell (H2/air), micro PEM fuel cell (H2/O2), PEM electrolyser, LED light module, water-O2/H2 containers, horizon energy, monitor, hand-crank, measuring device, container for mixing ethanol, pH paper measuring strips, lid for ethanol storage, assembly instructions, CD with curriculum manuals, direct ethanol fuel cell, fan blade, wire leads with clips, purging valve, rubber tubing, wind turbine, solar cell, salt water fuel cell, thermal energy kit, regulator, Hydrostik cartridge and Hydrofill PRO.

    Energy Box
  • Fuel cell science from fuel cell experts: PEM, direct ethanol, salt water and reversible fuel cells in one kit
  • Introduction to renewable energy: solar panel, wind turbine, temperature cell and hand crank
  • Includes super capacitor to demonstrate the latest in energy storage technology
  • Includes CD with curriculum content for 40 hours of classroom activities
  • Countless experiments - many scientific principles and scope for creativity
  • Comes in a plastic storage box for long term storage

    Hydrofill PRO
  • Input is water and electricity (DC to AC cord supplied)
  • Compatible with solar or wind turbines (requires 25W DC power input)
  • Produces and stores hydrogen safely in a non-compressed, solid metallic form
  • Perfect for science kits such as Horizon Energy Box, Electric Mobility and Micro-Fuel Cell Science Kit
  • Indispensable for Hydrostik based engineering projects such as Edustak PRO, Edustak Junior, H-Cell 2.0 and the Fuel Cell Developer Kit
  • Manufacturer's part FCJJ-40 + FCH0102
Type Hydrogen


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